Guess This Tune


Is it the Flintstones..?

A simple game anyone can play:

I have a number of tunes in my head that I will beatbox, you have to guess them correctly. If you get them wrong then there’s a forfeit – forfeits can be anything from tiptoeing with stretched arms for 1min, planking on your side with one arm up, liking my Instagram page to (a personal fave) ‘Pick da ting (See image in gallery)!’

  • Test your musical knowledge.
  • Compete against other competitors.
  • Earn the respect of your peers.
  • Win special, unique prizes.
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What’s it about? The Game; using you have to guess as many of the correct song(s) in the fastest time to win!

How can I connect? YouTube Facebook Instagram WhatsApp.

What can I win? 

When’re the events?  

What’s it cost? £2 per go.







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