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An introduction to the world of beatbox. A 1-hour interactive workshop tailored to discovering the art of vocal percussion. In the session, we will explore what it is, what it can do for your confidence and learn the fundamentals of finding your own rhythm.

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Awareness: What is human beatbox? What are the benefits? Why should I get involved?

Benefits: Voice projection, confidence, positive performance, stage presence, empowerment, self-worth, engaging edutainment. 

Resources: Beatbox games, talent competitions, Loopstation tutorials, BoomBox fun with microphones, educational videos, creative writing material, dance performance choreography. 

Service: A 1-hour workshop focused on discovering human beatbox. This includes watching educational beatbox videos, student-led choreography and performance, beatbox battles, thought provoker questions, engaging group discussions. 

Fee: £75 per session. Include date(s) preference when booking. 

Feedback: Please take a moment to read/fill out the service feedback, we welcome and take all comments, ideas and suggestions on board as part of our evaluation process.


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