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Unleash your creativity!

We are Arts Award certified for Discover, Explore, Bronze and Silver (Gold coming soon). Whether it’s for your development or people under your care, we assist you in achieving the best results possible.

Awareness: What are the Arts Awards? Supporting young people aged up to 25yrs to unlock their creative potential From fashion to sculpture, rapping to writing, dance to poetry, Arts Award enables young people to make connections with and participate in the diverse and exciting world we call ‘the arts’, turning their passion or curiosity into a recognised qualification.

Benefits: Arts Award offers qualifications to young people that develop their creativity, leadership and communication skills. Arts Award assesses a young person’s development rather than the achievement of a specific art form skill level, and encourages independent learning, building confidence as well as transferable skills.

Resources: Beatbox games, talent competitions, Loopstation tutorials, BoomBox fun with microphones, educational Videos, creative writing, dance performance. 


Fee: £250 day rate. Include date(s) preference when booking.

Feedback: Please take a moment to read/fill out the service feedback, we welcome and take all comments, ideas and suggestions on board as part of our evaluation process.

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